I Love You Man

We live in such an uncertain world. We take it for granted we will see our loved ones and friends again. Unfortunately “tomorrow” does not always come. Don’t let regrets be a constant reminder in your life. We never know when life will be changed forever. Take the time to be kind to people. More smiles, more hugs and don’t miss the opportunity to say “I love you”
Husbands are called to love God primarily through their wives. Your wife is the sacrament of Christ to you. You are the sacrament of Christ to your wife. Do at least one unselfish act for your wife every day. Surprise her. When was the last time you treated her the same way you did when you were still trying to get her to marry you?

Communicate your love. Make the decision to never let your wife or your kids go to bed or walk out the door without telling them first that you love them—life is just too short! It will change your family. It will change the world. You will never in your life regret that you told your wife and your kids and the people you love that you love them—never. You won't be lying on your deathbed one day saying, “I can't believe that I daily told my loved ones that I loved them. What is the matter with me?”

Excerpts From BE A MAN by Fr. Larry Richards
Fr. Larry Richards is a popular speaker at men’s conferences around the country and is the pastor of an inner city parish in Erie, PA. He hosts his own daily national radio show on Relevant Radio, and is the founder of The Reason for Our Hope Foundation.

image source: Rugusavay