Are You A Happy Or Un-Happy Magnet?

If you have found that you're not very happy lately, it might be time to make a change. It’s time to give up the habits that no longer serve your well-being and embrace the positive changes you need to be happy.
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Happy Friends – Happy You

Each of us acts like a magnet… we attract conditions that are in accord with our thoughts and attitudes..

The righteous should choose their friends carefully… Proverbs 12:26

Happy people tend to be found in the company of other happy people, while unhappy people are likely to spend time with unhappy people. Both happy and unhappy people tend to mingle with others having a similar degree of happiness. Why is this true? Are happiness and unhappiness infectious?

Several factors are at work. First, let's say that I am an unhappy and negative person. I depress the emotions of those with whom I come in contact. As a result, happy positive people try to avoid me as much as they can, while unhappy people, plus any previously happy people who are bound to me through family or career, are further depressed by contact with me. I tend to feel uncomfortable around happy people because I'm jealous of their happiness, while I create a misery-loves-company kind of bond with other unhappy people.

If I am a happy person, all this works in reverse. I uplift the emotions of those I come in contact with. As a result, happy positive people love being in my company. Unhappy people, however, either respond to my joyful positivity, thus beginning their journey toward their own happiness, or they find themselves feeling frustrated and jealous, and sever their relationship with me. I become even happier when I am around other happy people, while I tend to feel uncomfortable around unhappy people, and will tend to avoid them to the extent that doing so does not conflict with my commitment toward those people.

People sort themselves into groups of happy people and unhappy people through two different, but complementary mechanisms, influence and affinity. I influence those around me with my emotional state, either happy or unhappy. At the same time, I feel an affinity for others who are like me in some way – in this case by sharing my emotional outlook on life.

Father in heaven, I know I don't have the power to make life “fair,” but I do have the power to make my life joyful. Help me to count my age by friends, not years. To count my life by smiles, not tears.. Help me to be a HAPPY Friend to someone today. In Jesus name, amen.

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